Review of sleeklens Landscape Adventure Collection of Photoshop actions

December 04, 2016
The good people from sleek sent me their Landscape Adventure Collection of Photoshop actions for review. “Go on and put the kettle on.” I thought and started to...
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Six Ways to Achieve Black Background in Your Underwater Photos

September 20, 2016
Two of my friends asked me recently about the black background in photographs. That brought me to an idea to write a blog about three ways leading to dark black colour be...
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Keep Calm and Hold Your Breath

September 10, 2016
In 1989 CEDAM International, an organisation dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the marine environment, brought together a panel of experts to draw a list...
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Epic Sunset in Oia, Santorini

June 14, 2016
The nippy northern wind flogs the rim of Santorini's caldera. As if the Meltemi wind came earlier this year. First May's weekend sun can burn your skin but it is too weak...
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Little Planet Twyford: The Story Behind the Image

June 03, 2016
Once upon a time there was a kind and helpful lady in the THRU-Christ Church Office in Twyford. Identity of the helpful and kind lady will stay undisclosed. Taking part...
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